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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 30 December 2013
The scent is *exactly* lemon and lavender. So - citrus clean, and relaxing. Medium strength scent - fills the air more than the Midnight Jasmine, but still not totally overpowering. It's quite good for fragrancing your home, if you're getting bored of the faint smell of cooking, say before you have visitors. (I don't like to use plug-in air fresheners because I don't like to breathe in artificial fragrance all day long, plus they have caused some fires in the past, not that candles haven't!). The small jar size means you only have to burn for an hour or two to get 'side-to-side' liquid wax, preventing the candle tunneling (see Yankee Candle website for 'candle care' tips). The medium jar has a minimum burn time of 4 hours if I remember rightly. These are good quality candles, but I still wish they were cheaper, so lose 1 star for extreme price for small jar, compared to better value medium and large jars (but longer burn time required, so burn up more candle per session).
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