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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 15 April 2020
I bought this after purchasing two Ring Cameras. After realising that the angle needed when fixed to the wall was greater then provided, I decided to at least try the bracket to see how or if it would help.
So, originally I used my iphone to view the images provided by the camera when it was placed and moved around the wall of a bedroom. I didnt matter which wall I used I could not get the full view I wanted of the room and all walls just cut part of the potential viewing screen off.
I was a bit reluctant to purchase the bracket for the cost, as the contents are what most of us have in our tool boxes, however there are two screws in the package that you won't have; the two small screws. Everything else is really just a nice to have. The screw driver part has a philips tip and a security tip for certain screws. The wall plugs and screws are again a nice to have. The drill bit is exact forthe size of hole needed and the wall plugs and screws fit perfectly.
The bracket has a handy spirit level in the centre of it so when you are marking your three holes for the wall, you can keep it level at the same time.

The bracket; excellent machine finish and everything works as expected. The final result is the camera can go nearly anywhere in the room and now fits the whole room in view. Easy to maintain and replace the battery and so easy to use the view finder on the iphone to striaghten it up again once the battery is replaced.

So, is it worth the cost? No, its a bit expensive for what it is, however the versatility and practical use is what you are paying for. The bracket matches the camera design and the finish is clean and minamilistic.
I am now going to buy more of the brackets to make other cameras more versatile and easier to place around the property.

If you have saved money on the cameras ( sale ) then spending £20 on the bracket, is, in my opinion, a good investment and worth it.
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