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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 18 January 2023
While I do like the Ring eco-system for its ease of use for non IT folk, having installed this for someone I don't really rate it. If you have Ring doorbell/cameras, then OK, might as well get this as an alarm - otherwise don't bother...

The base-station does have battery backup and mobile network backup (O2) if you pay for a sub(scription). Have not tried a different SIM. But WiFi connection seems poor, plus Ethernet port is at the top of device. WiFi is dual-band but not sure why you'd want to use lower-range 5GHz band? Antenna(s) seem weak with it always complaining it is "off-line" when other devices, cameras, etc. are just fine.

Z-Wave (used here) is not as friendly as Zigbee, but seems to be preferred for security devices, e.g. locks or alarms. But you won't be using any other vendor's units (PIR, contact, etc.) with this alarm - Ring only. With Thread/Matter coming that is a disappointment...

The keypad is nice, it has light on motion but pretty simple otherwise.

The sensors (PIR, contact) are huge, heavy and prone to breakdown. One has been stuck in "open" and had to be replaced. At least they use standard batteries: AA (PIR) and CR3032 (contact). Adhesive seems OK - so far - but PIR is very heavy - consider using screws.

On a deal with extra 2 sensors (thus 2 PIR, 2 contact) + 1 Ring camera - it is quite cheap for an alarm. I elected to use the "self monitoring", though if you pay the "Plus" sub for multiple cameras/doorbell(s) then you might as well use the "assisted monitoring".

I would only buy this alarm if you already have Ring doorbell/camera(s) and likely already paying for one of the sub. Otherwise, look elsewhere for better alarm, better sensors, etc.
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