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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 1 December 2022
Edit: 14/01/23 - I’ve used this for a while now and have been problem free aside from the service issue stated in my first review below. I realised my BT fibre was provided internally to the house so decided to change my Eero settings to PPOE and add BT user details along with a different DNS - This works perfect and allows me to assign static IP’s and take full control rather than using my BT hub as a bridge/NAT, even things like opening ports for the Xbox to have an open NAT etc work great.

The only other update I have is that there is a new feature to stop the roaming between hubs, whilst this can help with things like ring cameras which sometimes swap to a further away box it doesn’t let you assign or tell devices which one to use so seems counter productive, if they update to enable this feature to be smarter then I’d say it could be very useful. Overall I get the full 550mb I pay to the main box and the other two across the house in far corners still pump out 440+ of this speed which is perfect compared to what I was getting on a normal BT wifi single hub (40-80 at best).

Original review:
I ran with a BT wifi in a 4 bedroom house, the corner of the living room and outdoor ring cameras used to get intermittent connections and ring cameras were unavailable when uploading recordings/alerts..

Installing a 3 pack of these one next to the router, one in a room upstairs and one in the living room all mesh connected via wifi has turned my signal into a dream.

Cameras all upload instantly and are fully available during recordings, the Xbox in the living room went from 80mb to 400mb (500mb internet line) connection wifi speeds and the management features on the app for eero works well.

The only reason I took a star off is: the eero app service is external, so when they had an issue I logged on my app and it said it was all offline so I assumed there was an issue.

I noticed my wifi was working fine though, long story short I messed restarting boxes and an hour wasted figuring out if there was an issue but the wifi worked so I left it alone. Many google searches later enlightened me to the external eero service that I’d they have an issue you can use the app, which is pretty poor although it’s happened only once in 2 month so it’s no concern for me really just not happy with the waste of time :)
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