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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 15 May 2019
I don't often write reviews on Amazon, but occasionally, I come across a product that deserves a bit of extra praise - not that Apple needs the extra publicity!

I purchased a set of Apple AirPods as an alternative to using my excellent, but somewhat bulky B&O headphones when I travel on the train into London - for regular, everyday use if you will. I'd not really considered these as a realistic option for headphones, but came across some very positive reviews and the more I read about them, the more I thought they may be good. So I decided to take a (albeit low) risk and buy a set.

Wow! I can't believe how good they actually are. They produce an amazing sound, far bigger and fuller than I thought possible, especially without having insulation around them like some ear bud headphones, to block out extraneous sounds. They don't actually block out extraneous sound anymore than the cheap ones that come with an iPhone, but the sound quality and weight of the sound is such that it mostly overcomes this - you can hear through it, so to speak!

I tried these on Classical music with Mahler's second symphony and they sounded epic, making the finale of the piece really full and meaty, I also tried the with some brass band (Black Dyke Band playing Metropolis 1927), and they made the band sound full and fruity, and today at work I've had on some Rush (A show of hands), Peter Gabriel (So!) and Steve Hackett (Genesis Revisited II). The AirPods make easy work of all these. I realise that these choices somewhat date me! :-)

I also found using them with my phone really good as well. Occasionally I detected a slight delay in one ear, as though the radio signal were interrupted, but no problem and have't experienced that whilst playing music! I love the freedom of no wires for phone use. No tangles today!

Hopefully won't be updating this in a few weeks, but initial thoughts are that these are a cracking product.
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