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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 25 March 2023
I love it! It's so much better than my Google Nest Hub 2. The sound is better (more bassy, which I love), bigger screen, really good voice recognition. It beats any other smart assistant, it's just so much faster at turning the lights off/on and other commands. I can actually listen to music with this enjoyable audio quality, with other smart speakers the music feature was more of a gimic as it sounded awful. The main reason I switched to Echo Show 8 was because you can have custom wake words, the wake word Alexa is just so much more natural than saying Hey Google, you can also choose from Echo, Computer and Dot. This makes speaking to your assistant way faster.

The Echo Show 8 feels quite premium with the material covering it, however it is unfortunately an absolute finger magnet which is not really a big deal anyways. The camera is so much better than the 1st generation echo show 8, it's actually very enjoyable to use. It tracks you very nicely, however I wish it was connected to Whatsapp as I don't see myself using the camera a lot. But you can still use the camera for home surverilence which is pretty nice, you can speak to the people in the room when your away. I noticed that alexa has lots of skills, she can let you play lots of games and I found myself playing the Akinator but I couldn't beat it! Go grab this device, it's more especially worth it when it's on discount of 75 pounds.
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