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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 18 January 2023
If these tea-lights were what the seller advertized them to be they would’ve been excellent value for money, however they were not.
I had searched for ‘8 hour long burning tea-lights’ and when this seller’s product showed up from my search and described them as being ‘long burning’, conveniently omitting to say exactly how long the burn time actually was I thought it was safe to assume they had infact an 8 hour burn time. However, when I received them I saw on the front of the box that the actual burn time was 4 hours and by anyone’s standards 4 hours is most definitely NOT long burning.

This seller most definitely misleads people to believe these 200 tea-lights are long burning and I’m sure that it’s deliberately falsely advertized. I had/have no use for 200 4 hour SHORT burning tea-lights, but am now stuck with them. The seller did give me a partial refund and said I could keep the tea-lights, but I’m furious I was mislead in the first place. I needed long burning tea-lights for a wedding I was setting up for, but had no time to find another seller as the wedding was 2 days away after receiving them and so I had no choice but to use the four hour candles, but then had to keep running around replacing them as each one burned out. This was totally unprofessional not to mention inconvenient for me, but more importantly, the guests at the very large wedding reception which went on for hours. The bride and groom were extremely upset with me for this issue and now my reputation is at risk, all because of this seller’s false/misleading advertizing.
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