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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 27 February 2023
I had a bit of trouble connecting - seems the Bluetooth on some phones doesn't connect but my wife's phone is more basic and connected fine. Once I'd worked that out, the units were very easy and quick to connect, and they set themselves up.
Once set up, items which had been connected to the old WiFi quickly changed to the eero (the app shows which client is connected to what), because I'd used the same WiFi credentials so I didn't have to change anything in the client. Very useful because there are so many clients in a smart home.
Speeds are very close to the maximum my satellite runs at - almost no loss of speed for using WiFi instead of wiring. And with 75 clients per hub, I think I can automate a bit more (some smart home manufacturers connect every light bulb independently to the WiFi)
Lots of money, but pays for itself in reduced hassle
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