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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 15 January 2023
I've been using this Ring Wired Floodlight Cam Plus for nearly a month now.
Quality is very good and fairly easy to fit, but you do need your own cable. I've used and old flex with a 3 pin plug going through the house wall.
Motion detection is ok, although it doesn't always take much notice of the defined detection areas.
Lights are excellent.
Person detection is completely unreliable. Cats are of often flagged as people but people are not. This makes the whole facility of oy having notifications for people as completely useless, especially as I get loads of cats wandering around on my driveway.
So overall it's a bit disappointing as the most useful function is unreliable. It's a pity as with a bit of straight forward machine learning it could easily be taught to identify people with far more accuracy.
Finally when it does actually recognise a person, the notification can take up to 30 seconds to come through, which is no good if I am working in my back garden room and need to know if somebody is waiting at the front door. It's not the WiFi connection as this is excellent and I have 150mb/s and 20ms ping.
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