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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 26 February 2023
I got this on offer to replace an Echo Dot 3rd gen. The sound quality is much better than the 3rd gen but not much different to the 4th gen. Compared to the 4th gen Echo Dot it has more bass out of the box but nothing that I can't seem to get from the 4th gen by using the graphic equaliser to adjust the sound (you can adjust the sound either in the Alexa app or simply asking Alexa to increase or decrease the bass, midrange or treble). I've also noticed that it sounds like it's got some kind of distortion reduction built in as you can hear bass being reduced or subtle volume changes when vocals start.

I don't think it justifies the price increase, especially as the headphone jack has been removed. What I used to like about older models is that you could connect better quality speakers to the Echo via the headphone jack but now you have to have Bluetooth speakers which means the music is compressed and doesn't always sound as good.

I like the built-in temperature sensor. This can be handy to trigger a fan to come on at certain temperatures during the summer or an aircon unit. I also like the fact this can be used as a motion detector. It's not as reliable as a Hue motion detector but it works most of the time.

What I am looking forward to, is being able to use this as a WiFi repeater for eero. It's showing up in my eero app as compatible but as usual it looks like we'll have to wait for this option to be switched on, even though USA and Canada have this feature already.

I got this Echo on offer and for the price I paid I'm very happy with it.
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