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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 1 January 2023
I find the look of it fine and cleaner than many other options. The sound level is ok too.
Overall I adore the ring system but I do think that this item could be better, here are my reasons and you will see they do centre around having the logo lit at night which I feel is essential as a deterent:
- the screw underneath to fix to the back plate is really fiddly if you lean out a window to tighten / loosen. I have taken to just leaving this unscrewed for my own safety :/
- does not come with transformer (sold seperately) so runs off 3x D batteries (included). Options like having the Ring logo light up are not available without secondary power
- adding the rechargeable battery allows the logo to be lit but it drains fast requiring regular removal of siren to recharge the battery (approx every 5 weeks)
- removal of rechargeable battery to charge requires removal of 3 tiny screws which will eventually wear and not work... this could easily be better designed eg. Like with the cameras.
Love the other items in the Ring setup, the app and the customisation... you are stuck with needing this item to go with it unfortunately.
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