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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 7 February 2023
Ok so I am off on a long haul flight soon and wanted a new tablet to enable film use and to help alleviate the boredom. I was going to get an iPad Mini or something similar and this popped up. For the money, I decided to take a punt.

First impressions:

Build: Excellent
Feel: Well made and fit for purpose
Screen: Good quality glass but the brightness is crap. Even on full its not the brightest and I think this will impact the experience and battery life quite a lot.
Apps: A bit hit & miss tbh. Im disappointed as I cant use Deezer on this and that's annoying. Amazon dropped the ball here.
Speakers: Could be a little better but they are ideal for when alone and no background noise.
Blutooth: I hooked up my AirPods Pro to this seamlessly so that's a bonus.
Storage: 64gb is recommended as 32gb would get eaten up in minutes. You can upgrade the storage with micro SD cards and I am yet to try this. It says up to 1tb but the suggested SD cards are only 64gb so not sure why.
Processor & RAM: Despite having 3gb RAM this has been glitchy whilst only running Disney+/Netflix/Prime Video and I do genuinely expect better.
Overall: 3/5 but I kinda expected that based on the price. If the glitches were sorted it would get a 4/5 and if it could play the common apps like Deezer, I would give it a higher score for that.

Is it better than an iPad.... no. is it cheaper? Hell yes. Does it do the same job? Pretty much yes but I wouldn't want to do major work on this as it simply couldn't handle it. An iPad could.

I will however be buying another few of these for the kids and wife for the trip so that has to mean something.

Yours. Apple fan club member.
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