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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 15 March 2023
I will give you the positives first and then the reason you may want to look at alternatives.
Installation is straightforward, as is setting it up to the router and App. The cameras look neat and are inobtrusive and the picture quality is more than adequate. Sound quality is more of a problem with a lot of distortion and white noise making it difficult to hear what people are saying.
The main problem which in hindsight would have made me choose an alternative is the subscription fee and how after the free trial it is made so difficult to use.
I do not need the services provided with the subscription, but just to monitor the comings and goings at my elderly mother's house. Although I have purchased the cameras and use my own broadband the cameras are set to disconnect every minute requiring constant reconnection. It is SO frustrating and I feel it is a rather devious way of forcing you to pay for a service you don't require.
So to sum up, if you need to record footage then this system is worth consideration. If you just wish to monitor and not record then I would strongly advise you look elswhere.
Come on Amazon stop trying to rob us by stealth!
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